Force a refresh?

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Force a refresh?

I have SalesForce integrated with Marketo, but I need to be able to refresh the data. We've done several data loads and I need to know how to update things (things are showing in SalesForce that don't feed over to Marketo). 


How can I do this? Step by step would be great; I'm no developer. 

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Re: Force a refresh?

If you have access to the SFDC Data Loader this is pretty easy. 

Pull a report of all your unconverted leads make sure to include the lead id. 

Pull a report of all your contacts and make sure to include the contact id. 

Using the data loader import your lead ids. 

Using the data loader import your contact ids. 

This will make it look like all of your lead and contact records have been updated in sfdc, and this will allow Marketo to see these "recently" updated records. 

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Re: Force a refresh?

You may also wish to check the sync backlog: 


Replace the app-XX## with whatever your instance's pod subdomain is (when you log into your Marketo instance, it's the first part of the URL in your browser)


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Re: Force a refresh?

Pls move the thread to Products, which is the appropriate space for community support.


(This space is about contacting your account rep, isn't supposed to be for support.)