Here are a few great sample applications from past classes. It is recommended that you keep your submissions to 1800 or less characters (including spaces). The more concise and specific you can be about your advocacy, involvement across channels (Community, socially, at events), speaking engagements, reviews, business objectives and success metrics, passions, and of course, Marketo Certification (it's a requirement!) the better. Happy applying!

As a Revvie Winner, our demand generation process is recognized as being well advanced beyond many industry peers. We have a solid model, both in ABM, RCM and for our marketing program in general, which has helped our teams to greatly increase our DG programs as recognized with our Revvie win at Summit 2016. Having been recognized for achieving a 166% lift in qualified leads, increasing marketing-influenced revenue year-over-year by 361%, and reducing the sales cycle by over 1/3 speaks for itself! I am an active advocate within the community, my peers, and in social media, as well as the two MUG groups I attend. I love to help solve problems and generate ideas. I feel that my experience with the winning team at my company will only be a case to build upon for Marketo for future users. I look forward to helping other begin and to further achieve their dreams and desires with Marketo and feel that becoming a Champion can only further help me be an advocate for the cause!

Expert: 5.5 years Marketo experience & certification is up to date. Was part of certification beta testing for both MCE & RCA certification.Responsive: In community almost everyday- I believe in quality over quantity. I participate in community games/challenges (last year I won the twitter pumpkin carving contest & came 2nd place in the community costume contest). Leadership: MUG leader 2.5+ yrs. Always talk about importance of the community & encourage people to stay active. I have a positive relationship w/ Marketo enthusiasts & users in my region. I have mentored several younger Marketo users who are now active in the Marketo community & marketing automation world. Evangelism: Positive reviews on G2, TrustRadius, & App Ex. Talk to many about why they should pick/keep Marketo. Have done several reference calls for sales over the last year. I bleed purple! I also volunteer for betas when I can, & get my clients to volunteer when possible. Lastly, my son has all the Marketo baby gear! Activity: Use Twitter to enhance Marketo social reach. Always attend Marketo events. Plan to continue extending reach in local tech groups. Engagement: Spoke at session at 2012 Summit. I lead a Birds of a Feather lunch table at 2013 Summit. At 2014 Summit, I spoke at a session, worked Champion Smart Bar, & helped w/ 5K! I also helped w/ 2014 Roadshow. I beta tested new community. Submitted 3 sessions for 2016 Summit, & also worked Champion Smart Bar & Community table 4 times!

I am the Marketo admin for my company and am a Marketo Certified Expert. Prior to our implementation of Marketo we used MailChimp for all our email communications to the database. We found out very quickly that MailChimp had limited scalability and analytics that we needed. Also we could no longer ignore the implications surrounding sending one off emails and immediate hand offs to our sales team. Thus we began looking for a new partner to help in our marketing automation efforts. Culture is a huge factor on my list and the companies when deciding the right partner to work with. And, there is something to be said about your company when your sales representatives are more interested in what we are doing and want to accomplish than just blindly selling a product. Not only did we read about your positive culture and support but we saw it in every individual we worked with. With the implementation of Marketo came a paradigm shift in our company. A shift that was led and supported by our CEO and executive leadership. Our marketing team knew with this implementation a change would take place in the way we nurtured our leads. What we did not expect to see was the amount of increase from the first year alone! Within the first year of integration we have seen our metric for lead obtain goals increase from 50% to 70% within the first 6 months of the year. This is largely due to the tracking we have placed on our site and the demand gen training that we have received from Marketo.

I think there are two main areas I have added value to Marketo and the community. Firstly for Marketo I have spoken at many events including Summit and smaller regional events. The next one being I have tended to focus on publishing the #lessonslearned from our 5 years as growing with Marketo as a user. In the last year we have been experimenting with different ways of using Marketo's enagagement engine with specific trigger campaigns to send different pieces of related to content depending on when and where in the nurture track that lead is. We've seen a 18% increase in MQLs, that have converted into pipeline and 2x rate to previously. We are also now in a platform "optimisation" project to take what we have learned from Summit and rebuilding certain aspects of Marketo such as the balance between triggers and batch campaign, better segmentation and fewer smart lists. We are building out a complete scoring and response platform to ensure all leads are followed up within agreed SLAs by sending high value (bevahioural, content, infer signals) leads to our sales teams. Initial tests show we're increasing our conversion from MQL to pipeline by 12%; nearly $8m per year.