Why are Guided Landing Page Templates not responsive?

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Why are Guided Landing Page Templates not responsive?

We are using a Guided Landing Page template we created for our email preference center. Everywhere I've read it says that guided landing page templates are "responsive". But after my web developer created the guided landing page template and page, it does not seem to be responsive. When we shrink our desktop browser the formatting gets funky. Also, it is not mobile responsive.

Why do the guided landing page templates not have the mobile version feature as do the free form landing page templates? Is this feature going to be available soon? Or how can we make guided landing page templates desktop and mobile responsive?

Has anyone been able to make a guided landing page template desktop and mobile responsive? Any insights would be appreciated.



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Re: Why are Guided Landing Page Templates not responsive?

GLPTs aren't really inherently responsive (though you're right that they're framed that way).  What they are, in contrast to FFLPTs, is "not not responsive." That is, the way elements are rendered in FFLPs makes it mostly impossible to have the same HTML for multi-mobile and multi-desktop (which is why they need to have a "mobile version").

GLPTs allow you to use responsive design techniques without overriding anything you want to do.  But you still need to follow responsive guidelines.  It's still perfectly easy to build a non-responsive GLPT (or have a seemingly responsive GLPT behind a non-reponsive LP because of tweaks made at the LP level).