Quick Testing for Engagement Programs

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Quick Testing for Engagement Programs

I've been searching continuously, on how to test an engagement program with transitions. I know we can use the Test Stream tool for each cast. However, I would like to load a test group, to run through the entire program with 10 to 20-minute intervals opposed to weekly as it would be for each stream. We will have 4 to 5 streams for this. It will take 5 weeks going through this method, and each edit will cause another 1-week delay.

Any advice on this?

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Re: Quick Testing for Engagement Programs

Hi Tamara! I like where you're going with trying to test the engagement streams as thoroughly as you can. I haven't used the Test Stream tool myself but I did a little digging on this subject and found this:


"Use the test stream functionality to mimic a cast to just one specific lead. Repeat this to test that the content in each streams comes in the correct order. Use your own email address."

^ This makes it sound as though if you have multiple emails in your Stream 1, that if you keep testing stream 1 with the same email address, Marketo will send the next email on down the line. Have you tried this already?