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Invalid Emails

Hi there - I am seeing that I have a massive list of Email Invalid, when in fact the email is valid. How do I go about updating this to uncheck the Email Invalid checkbox?

I need these people to start receiving our emails!


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Re: Invalid Emails

Hi Beth, 

Adding below a thread discussing the same topic, but you may simply do a Change Data Value to the records, via a Smart Campaign or Smart List.  

Email Invalid Flag & Creating a Smart Campaign to Update It 

Unlike Email Suspended, Email Invalid can be updated whenever false-positives are recognized and subsequent delivery is noticed.  I highly recommend the Marketo Launchpartner Quick Email Verification, which even allows for 50 free records per day to scrub for valid emails.  I've run this many times for hard bounces/email invalid lists, and sometimes find up to 30% of invalids are valid emails.  

Reversing the Email Invalid may help people to qualify for your campaigns, but if subsequent email bounces occur, the next step is to work with the client-side IT or Webmaster to whitelist your IP or other tactics to improve deliverability.  



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Re: Invalid Emails

Beth, you should move the thread to Products‌ (Move link will be at the right). Champions is not a support space.