Google Analytics Session

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Google Analytics Session

I wanted to know if the session in Google Analytics being cut when a visitor clicks an RTP banner? also, do you know if it changes the source in GA? if so what the source will be.

For example, a visitor that landed on a blog page from organic traffic, if we add a banner offering them other blogs and they click it and go to blog #2, will it be seen in Gooogle Analytics as though it is a new user that just landed on this page? What will be his source? Will the source still be organic? Or perhaps it will look like RTP? Marketo?

Thank you!

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Re: Google Analytics Session

Hi Itay,

Please move this question to "Products , where it belongs. You will be much more likely to get an answer. Champion Program is for questions about the program itself.

I thinks that your question is quite tricky and will require that you test.