Extremely low 8% Deliverability Rate

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Extremely low 8% Deliverability Rate

Hi Community,

We have never ever had such a low deliverability rate (8%) on any of emails before, granted there are still a lot of emails that are pending.

With that said, I'm confused and concerned because the smart list that we sent to had the following filters:

Unsubscribed is false

Email Invalid is false

Blacklisted is false

So I'm almost certain it is NOT a smart list issue.

I am using a subject line test in the email that was sent. But I'm not sure how or why this would affect deliverability either.

Does anyone have any insight?



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Re: Extremely low 8% Deliverability Rate

Hi Hoi,

Wow! Something has definitely happened here. Unfortunately, even with that Smart List, there's probably several other factors at play. To get an idea of what's happening:

- What are you currently seeing for your hard/soft bounce rate?

- What does your standard deliverability rate look like?

- If you check Admin-> Email, are you seeing that SPF and DKIM are showing up as verified?

- Are you using standard Marketo email setup or do you have a special configuration, such as a dedicated IP?

- How did you make this particular email: are you using a template or setup that you've done in the past, or something new?