Email program smart list shows 0

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Email program smart list shows 0

Hi All,

when I use the email program and create a smart list from it, sometimes I'll get an estimated audience of 0.  The smart list should be pull back roughly ~500k members. I already checked the logic and it's correct, sometimes if I reload the page it'll show the correct audience size. I suspect it's due to the high volume of members.

My question is, is there a better way to send emails to a high volume list? also when the email program shows estimated audience as 0, will it still work? or do I need to reload to get it to show the actual number before scheduling the send?

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Re: Email program smart list shows 0

If it says 0 it will still send, but I highly recommend against doing this as you could mistakenly send to the whole database or the incorrect audience. The audience number is one of the last pieces of information you have to ensure you are doing things correctly.

There's really no "better" way to do this, but you could just run the email as a smart campaign rather than an email campaign. Then you don't have the 15 min wait period, but it will still take time for the number to calculate.

Other options including seeing what you can do about reducing the size of your database and to make sure you aren't using redundant filters and giving the system extra, unnecessary steps to go through.