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Becoming Marketo Certified

I’ve been using Marketo on a daily basis now for about 5 months. I’m looking to become Marketo Certified, however under requirements it says 6 months minimum experience.

Does anyone know if I can still register to become Marketo Certified? Has anyone took the test and have any recommendations or advise for study/brushing up?

Thanks for your help!

-Kreg Lewenza

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Re: Becoming Marketo Certified

It's really more of a guideline. I'd encourage you to register and take the pre-test. If you don't do so hot, push the test date out and study up. The cert is nothing a little dogged persistence can't overcome.

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Re: Becoming Marketo Certified

My best advice there is:

  • Utilize the ramp-up and practice materials front to back, twice if needed;
  • Take several practice exams
  • Review the product documentation for the things you got wrong on the practice test
  • Take more practice exams
  • If at all possible, go to a proctored site; I found off-site testing to be more of a pain.