Navigating the Marketo Engage login migration to Adobe Identity

Level 10 - Community Advisor + Adobe Champion Level 10 - Community Advisor + Adobe Champion
Level 10 - Community Advisor + Adobe Champion

Adobe have announced a while ago that the login experience for Marketo Engage will be migrated to Adobe ID. A welcome step in the process of integrating Marketo Engage into the Adobe Experience platform for many, but in the process I have seen several threads on the Community and other platforms where users ran into problems with the migration process. After liaising with the product team, here’s some tips on how navigate the process smoothly.


Communication with your Marketo Engage System Admin


You will be alerted via your Marketo Engage System Admin that the migration of your instance is scheduled. However, for many Marketo Engage customers it is not very clear who has the role of System Admin, they may not be an actual Marketo Engage user or have left the company. So if you want to be on top of the process and are unsure of who the System Admin is, I suggest to contact Marketo Support. They can tell you who has this role and can process a request to change this too. If you want to change it, make sure to copy that person in your request or communicate clearly if that person has left your company. Having this set up correctly will greatly help your planning process. Want to know more about the different admin roles? This article will tell you more about the different levels you can come across.


Change in the url of your Marketo Engage instance


After migration, you will access Marketo Engage via and no longer via, where nld1 would be an indicator of the Marketo Engage server you are on and will differ per instance. Many people will have saved bookmarks or internal documentation with links to specific assets or folders in Marketo Engage and this change will break all the links. Luckily there is a way in which you can activate a redirect from the old subdomain to the new. The only thing you have to do is navigate to once and click on the “Continue with Adobe ID” button. This will set the cookie that will enable the redirect to work, so can update your bookmarks and internal documentation at your own pace.


Dependency on a single System Admin to reset user passwords


Unfortunately this is an Adobe-wide policy, so it is no longer possible to grant access to do this to all Product Admins.


Authorized support access not migrated


Some people reported that they lost their Authorized Support access as well as Community access. This was a temporary issue that was not related to the login migration. Therefore it should not occur again moving forward. Please respond to this blog if you experience this after all.


Different login process for different instances


Sometimes a customer gets a new instance or a replacement for an older instance and this new instance is set up with Adobe ID as a standard. If there are still older instances that are not migrated yet this makes for a frustrating experience, as you cannot easily switch between instances anymore. Are you experiencing this? Please reach out to Marketo Support, so they can liaise with the migration team to expedite your migration and ensure a seamless experience again.



Are you experiencing issues with the migration to Adobe Identity that are not listed above? Please let me know in the comments. I will happily put forward any other recurring observations to the team for feedback.

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Just a note, that once you migrate to the new Adobe IMS, you will need to create your Marketo Support tickets from within the new IMS console. You find this by going to the Admin Console, and at the top (in the black bar) you will see "Support"; here you will pick your Adobe Product from the dropdown (if you have multiple products) and then create a support ticket from there. 

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This is super helpful @Katja_Keesom - namely the change to the URL for the instance. I've read through the various Adobe documentation links and the document that our AM provided about the migration specifics, and there's no mention that I can see of the URL changing. I will be providing an update to our Marketo users because so far, we've told them the only thing changing is how they log in (Adobe ID vs Marketo credentials) and that the Adobe ID will be created for them if they don't have one already - we'll be sure to bookmark that URL for any documentation it's used in too.


Also, huge extra tip @Kimberly_Galit1 - as the focus of this migration has been user management only, I don't think this is noted anywhere either (if it is, I have missed it but also haven't been looking for it 😋). I would definitely have gone to the wrong spot for Support tickets without this. 

Thank you both 😃