MSI improved license management with Salesforce

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Level 8 - Champion

Have you ever had this series of conversations?  I’m certain that many of us have.


Marketo Account Executive:  You are 1,000 licenses over compliance with Marketo Sales Insights. Let’s either set a deadline for you to get your instance under compliance or I’ll need to send you an invoice for the overage.  (as an aside, our AE has been really patient and helpful to us during this process) 


You:  YIKES!  That’s a lot. Let me go to my Salesforce admin and get this fixed. 


Marketo Account Executive:  Cool.  Let’s get this resolved either way in 30 days.


(When you check MSI in the Marketo Admin section, you find that the overage for the last 30 days is even higher than your AE informed you.  You consider joining the Peace Corps, but instead, you get a meeting with your Salesforce admin team)


You:  Hello.  We need to clean up our MSI user count in Salesforce.  


Salesforce Admin (who likely didn’t set it up originally):  Okay.  I’ll need a ticket to get this done.  What is the process?


You:  Salesforce grants access to Marketo Sales Insights through the page layout, which is granted through the person’s profile in Salesforce.  All I need you to do to is create new page layouts and profiles for the group of users whose managers are paying for MSI and we’re all good.  When can we get this done? 


(Your Salesforce Admin is now seriously reconsidering their career choices)


From a Salesforce Admin’s perspective, this is rarely a straightforward ask.  Many permissions and administrative items are tied to Salesforce profiles such as sharing rules, field-level permissions, etc.  The addition of an additional profile and four new page layouts creates an administrative headache for an already overburdened group.  We in Marketing Operations can appreciate this issue, can’t we?  


Back to our dialogue.


Salesforce Admin:  Isn’t there some other way to manage this?  Salesforce Managed Packages allow me to grant access to specific users, but this way of working will complicate our instance immensely and I don’t think it’s feasible.  This is very burdensome and there are lots of issues we have from an administrative perspective with this ask.    


This answer, up until today, created the following conundrum for those of us in Marketing Operations.


Before you decide which button to push, there is GOOD NEWS!! 


Marketo Sales Insights, with the newest releases of the managed package, allows your Salesforce Admin the ability to manage MSI user licenses through “Permission Sets” versus profiles.  This ability allows the Salesforce Admin to specifically assign users to the MSI modules based on a list of users, authorized to access the tool, versus the use of profiles and page layout proliferation. 


So, how do I get this goodness in my instances? 


Here are the three steps that your Salesforce Admin should follow:


Upgrade the MSI Managed Package in Salesforce to version 1.800 or higher. This update includes the new management features.  This change also Adobe-brands MSI (which is one visual indicator that the work has been completed successfully).  


Link to instructions for upgrading on Experience League:


Once the new version has been installed, remove MSI access from within Salesforce for any non-Sales user. 


Link to instructions for removing user access on Experience League:


The Salesforce Admin should then add a "Sales insight Permission Set" to all users that should have access to MSI.


Link to instructions for creating the Sales Insight Permission Set on Experience League:


Finally, assign all of the users requiring MSI access to the permission set.


And now, you have a compliant Salesforce/MSI org.  


Now, you can have more strategic and productive conversations with your Marketo Account team.