Mind the Bot: How to Get Marketo Status Notifications in Slack

Level 10 - Champion Alumni
Level 10 - Champion Alumni

As a Marketo Admin, you need to be aware of any issues that could be impacting your system—whether it’s just in your company’s instance or in the data center where your instance is hosted. In the blog “My Marketo Morning Routine,” I outlined the quick checks I do every morning to make sure my instance is in tip-top shape. In this article, I’ll explain how you can get updates from the Adobe Status Page pushed into a Slack channel, so you and your team can easily monitor the health of your Marketo pod.


As part of the integration of Marketo into the Adobe Experience Cloud platform, the Marketo Status page has been migrated to status.adobe.com, with an option to subscribe to email notifications.  If your company uses Slack, you may want to push those notifications into a Slack channel, which you can easily do with Slack’s Email app.


Step 1: Find Your Pod


Log in to Marketo, click your name on the top right, and select "View My Account."  Scroll down to "Support Information" and note the data center. I'm in pod AB37, which means pod 37 in the Ashburn data center.  



Step 2: Create a Slack channel


Next, create a new Slack channel, and invite key stakeholders. We call ours #marketo-status


Step 3: Subscribe to Email Notifications


Create an account on status.adobe.com. Click “Manage Subscriptions”, then "Edit Subscriptions" and select “Adobe Marketo Engage” under the “Experience Cloud” drop-down. Then select your product, region, and pod. I recommend selecting all “Event Types” so you get all important notifications.


Pro Tip: Create your account with your team’s email alias (e.g. marketing-ops@yourcompany.com) so that if you leave and your email address is shut down, the notifications will still be sent.


Step 4: Add the Slack Email app


Go to https://slack.com/services/BSGG8MZCK and click “Add to Slack”. Choose the channel from Step 2  and click “Add Email Integration”.


In the next page, you can get creative. I call mine MarketoStatusBot and used the Marketo logo for its icon. 



Copy the email address that the app generated, as you’ll need it in the next step.


Step 5: Create Email Forwarding Rule


This step will vary a bit depending on your email provider. These are the steps I used for Gmail.


Go to Gmail’s forwarding settings, and click the “Add a forwarding address” button. Paste in your Slack email address from the previous step. Gmail will send a confirmation email to the forwarding address, which should show up in your Slack channel. Click the confirmation link in the Slack message.


In Gmail, click “Filters and Blocked Addresses” and choose “Create a New Filter” at the bottom. Add message@adobe.com  to the “From” Field, then click “Create Filter”. Check “Forward it To” and choose your Slack email address.


That’s it! Now any email notifications from Adobe Status that you’re subscribed to will show up in Slack.


What other cool things are you doing with Slack or other notifications?