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A good friend of mine just started on his Marketo journey and got a brand new instance. (So jealous) and asked me how a Marketo Newbie can get started training wise. As I was putting the list together of resources, I realized I get asked this question many times and thought I’d share my favorite go to resources.

Marketo Instance Set up Checklist

I assume that in all your welcome information that Marketo provides for you they have directed you to the checklist below. Start here to get your instance set up. You’ll also want to make sure you have your SPF and DKIM set up. This affects Email deliverability. Once your IT folks have done what they are suppose to, in the Admin section under the Email section it will say it’s verified.

Marketo Docs

This is a good reference area to point you in the general direction.

Marketo Fundamental Concepts - 3 short videos to set up a solid foundation

Setting up your channels: Channels need to be set up before you do anything in Marketo from a marketing activities and program stand point so start here

Lead Sourcing: Nice to have this set up before you get going to really understand where your new leads are coming from.

Lead Scoring: You can wait on this if you need to get your emails, webinars, and trade shows going but don’t wait too long. This feeds into MQLS.

Marketo FU Videos

My good friend Joe Reitz and fellow champion has made a bunch of beginner and intermediate training videos to help folks get started. These can be found in his YouTube Channel

Marketo Community

If you’re reading this than you’re already here. This is the best place to go when you have a question. Don’t be shy, and ask away and someone else from the community will most likely respond in a few hours. Search first because most likely someone has had the same question as you.

Join a Local or Virtual Marketo User Group

Meet other people like you and be the first to know when the next meeting is. There are over 60 user groups that meet in person and several virtual ones if there isn’t one near by including North America, India, Microsoft Dynamics and so industry specific ones. Sign up to make sure you get the latest info.

New Customer Onboarding Email Series

For all new customers, Marketo has an email series to help you get started. You should be automatically set to receive these emails on a regular basis but just in case you don’t or other co-workers want to join in on the fun, you can sign up here. Note that this is primarily for admin-level users who are setting up a new instance.

Sign Up for Marketo Jumpstart 

Adobe/Marketing Nation Summit 2019 Session Recordings

For Further along in your journey, The Marketing Nation/Adobe Summit Annual Conference sessions are also a great resource. This year’s recordings can be found here, sort for the Marketo specific sessions

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100% agree with this list. The 3 biggest ones for me when I was first learning were the docs, Marketo FU, and the Community.

People are always coming up with new and creative ways to improve processes and solve problems; the Community is the best place to learn from these experts and get answers to your questions. I use it multiple times every week to continue to be a student and give back what I've learned thus far.

Thanks for putting this together Jessica!

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Awesome set of resources! I would also recommend the "New to Marketo Learning Path" on Marketo University Online which has videos, hands-on demos and knowledge checks.

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Your friend is a lucky person.  Great list.

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Welcome to the Marketing Nation Bill Pederson​.  That's you my friend!!  And Newbies be kind and patient with yourself.  It's taken years to amass this knowledge.

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This is great stuff and is an excellent foundation to start at.

As most of us know and as you have mentioned that we envy a new system, one of the things that most forget about is that initial plan of where do we want to end up with our instances and how do you align that with your business model, I would recommend your friend defining their maturity curve ito where they are today and set milestones in terms of where they want to be in 6/12 months from now. There are many great articles there but here is one that summarises it nicely - ​

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Is there an A to Z checklist of everything you should have configured before you launch your first email campaign?  I am not certain of what I don't know.

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Thanks for this great list Jessica! I need to do some internal training for team members and this will really help me pull it together.

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Thank you for sharing this information!

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thank you!