Lead Source/Lead Source Detail Setup Guide

Level 10 - Champion Alumni
Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Hey all - I posted this to LinkedIn today and got an encouraging note to post here as well (thanks, Jonathan!)


Over the years, I've implemented a lot of Marketo instances. By the 15th time you do something, it ought to be pretty good – and I'm really proud of the systems we've built at my current company. Both in part to keep my memory fresh on why/how some things work and to look for opportunities to improve our systems, I've been doing some documentation/clean-up in my spare time. Most recently I took some screenshots & notes of our Lead Source/Lead Source Detail program. While something like this is ENTIRELY unnecessary if you have something like Bizible (aka Bizzy aka Marketo Measure aka so fetch), it's a good case in point for why documentation should be considered part of the build process.


Anyway, hope you find this useful. Lead Source & Lead Source Detail Setup Guide