#KreweChats Week 3: Lead Scoring and MSI

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Level 7

Hi All, and welcome to the third episode of #KreweChats! Last Friday, Dory Viscogliosi, Sydney Mulligan​, Joe Reitz​ (kinda)​​ and I​ chatted about the basics of lead scoring, implementing and maintaining Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) and touched briefly on alerts before realizing that should probably be a topic in and of itself.

If you missed the live-stream on Friday (or even if you didn't!) you can (re)watch here: #KreweChats Episode 3: Lead Scoring, Alerts and Marketo Sales Insight

Here's what we covered:

  • Lead scoring
    • What is the purpose?
    • What should you score? (Probably not email opens... they are pretty unreliable!)
    • How can you set it up? How do you decide what's important to score?
    • Balancing lead scores between Demographic and Behavioral
    • Lead scoring is not one size fits all! Just because it works for one company, doesn't mean an identical setup will work for another
    • KISS Tokenized Lead Scoring (Keep It Simple Stupid!)
  • MSI
    • Getting Sales on board with MSI and making them love it
    • Logging MSI email sends as an SFDC activity (vote for Sydney's idea !)
    • Has MSI helped the relationship with Sales?

The next episode will be on August 26 at 3:30 ET / 12:30 PT. You can view it live here. And, of course, we will be Tweeting about it.


Also, as promised, here are a couple screen shots of our tokenized scoring after we had our Marketo instance set up last year and I realized that the colleague who set up our scoring program didn't fully understand the purpose of tokens. **sigh**

Here is the old setup. As you can see, there are various "Downloads" activities that have "+10" as the value. Because we can use Tokens in more than one location throughout our campaigns, we can combine all of those values into one token.


When I reorganized our scoring, I simplified the tokens. We have a High, Medium and Low value for each activity type and that allowed us to reduce the total number of lead score tokens from 63+ to about 25. Much more manageable! (As you can see, the 9 downloads tokens we had set up originally were decreased to 3 below).


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Also here's my MSI deck for sales training! It's mostly GIFs

Marketo Training for Sales

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Love the "(kinda)".  Is Joe Reitz​ like the headless horseman or something?

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Basically. He was on bad hotel wifi and couldn't hear anyone else, though we could hear him. Toyed with the idea of having him be a disembodied voice who interjected into the conversation, but decided against it. He was listening and contributing through gchat

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I heard it through the grapevine

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It was crushingly bad wifi... It was torturous to be so close to hanging out with such amazing thought-leaders. All they could hear from me was *beep-boop*

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we'll dive into Nurture Marketing!

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Love this series guys!

Level 3

Awesome stuff guys, love getting a view point of how different companies with different goals are handling these topics.

Question about the tokenized lead score, do you hold all of these tokens within a kind of master scoring program and then just reference the token within that program when setting up your flow rules? or are these tokens held within the individual programs themselves?

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That's an interesting question, Sam Watkinson​. I hadn't really thought about putting the scoring tokens at a higher level. All of our scoring happens within our scoring programs (one for behavioral, one for demographic), so we have the tokens on the program level.

I'd recommend only changing scoring within your scoring program as that will ensure that you are a bit more organized. It allows you to see exactly what is changing someone's score without having to dig around into different programs to try to find the specific smart campaigns that are changing people's scores.