#KreweChats Episode 13: Advanced Reporting

Level 10 - Champion Alumni
Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Hey #MKTGNation!

Last week, we held the first #KreweChats of 2017, and hit the ground running with Advanced Reporting. SVMUG leader Jessica Kao​ delivered a fantastic advanced reporting workshop at the latest SVMUG & CHIMUG meetings, so we definitely wanted to pick her brain on a live/recorded webcast! Krewe regulars, Rachel Egan​, Ande Kempf​, Dory Viscogliosi​, and Juli James​ also lended their expertise to the conversation, and I think this was one of the best episodes we've recorded to date!

We covered a wide gamut of reporting best practices, from where you need to start and the questions you need to ask, all the way through to ​instance architecture and first touch/multi touch reporting best practices. No matter where you are on the reporting spectrum, there are definitely a few choice nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned from this episode.

Check it out here: #KreweChats Episode 13: Advanced Reporting - YouTube

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