Krewe Chats Week 2: Data Management

Hey Everyone, Weeeeeee're back with the next episode of #KreweChats! This week we delve into Data Management best practices and welcome guest chatter Sydney Mulligan​ in addition to Geoff krajeski​, @Julz_James, Jennifer DiMaria​, Joe Reitz​, and Enrico deLeon​.

Check out Episode 2 here: Krewe Chats - Data Management - YouTube

In this episode we cover:

  • What is data management? What are some best practices?
  • What are some of the key data management components in your instance? Let's talk bounces!
  • To delete, or not to delete? That is the question. Keeping records out of Marketo to avoid database bloat.
  • Sending alerts for activities, as well as SLAs
  • Durable Unsubscribe: "You can't screw it up". Also other unsubscribes
  • Email preference centers: Are they necessary? Let's talk about it!
  • Blacklists.
  • Tokens! (We love tokens )
  • Deduping master tip regarding lead scoring from Champion Sydney Mulligan
  • Also, don't miss each of our favorite words in our intro!

We hope you tune in for our next #KreweChat on August 12 at 3:30pm ET/12:30pm PT. Feel free to post any topics you'd like to see us cover in future chats, and thanks for tuning in!

Level 10

Always a pleasure to nerd out with you guys

Level 10

Really? N*rd gets blocked? That's like - our thing!

Level 10

LOL, but I like that the whole word is blocked so you have no idea what someone said.

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Too Funny!    

Level 10

Right? Who knows what I enjoy doing with you guys every other week now?!

Level 5

Bookmarked in my "need to watch" list! Thanks for sharing! I should probably just start adding it to my calendar, so I can watch live!

Level 3

Awesome stuff guys, really helpful especially regarding the durable unsubscribe and deleting leads from the DB. We are implementing the exact method Sydney Mulligan​ mentioned, to drop our DB down about 400,000 leads...renewal time.

Could you dig more into tokenizing lead scoring in the next episode?

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Yeah, but does geek?

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

HAHA Jennifer DiMaria

You used the wrong word.  Sanjay would be sad

Level 7

This was great you guys! I might go back and re-watch as reference as we revise our double opt-in system. It was really helpful to hear how you guys use the bounce reporting as well.

A couple things I wanted to add/ask:

  • How does deleting leads affect ROI/reporting capabilities? Just because you're not communicating with a lead via email doesn't mean that the lead isn't engaging with materials on your website or downloading your assets. I'm curious to know how people deal with that side of reporting if they delete leads.
  • For the blacklist/email management side of things, I want to share what we do. We have mailing lists that are built as smart lists within the Lead Database. These mailing lists filter out anybody who is unsubscribed or who is blocked due to bounce rates or whatever. That way, when we send our emails, we always have "0" under "Around XX leads are blocked from emails". This helps keep our reporting clean and means that we aren't messing up our dedicated IP with emails to people who shouldn't be receiving them. (Also, on this note, if you see any issue with doing it that way, let me know! I want to make sure we're not breaking anything.)