Inherited a Marketo instance or prepping up for an Audit? Check out the Marketo Implementation Review/Audit Guide!

Level 10 - Community Advisor Level 10 - Community Advisor
Level 10 - Community Advisor

Did you recently inherited a Marketo instance, and would like to do comprehensive implementation review process? Or, do you have an audit coming up as a part of periodic instance health check? If yes, you should check out the attached resource, where I've tried covering the items you should go through while reviewing your Marketo instance!




There's a huge difference between implementing a Marketo instance right-up from the scratch and auditing/reviewing an existing Marketo instance. When it comes the reviewing an existing implementation, one needs to thoroughly go through every nook and corner of the instance to find any potential issues. Furthermore, one needs to also look in to what is working and what is not from a marketing strategy perspective by looking at the performance reports, and comparing them with the industry benchmarks, business goals, and expectations.


I documented a list of items that one should consider checking and going through while reviewing a Marketo instance, please find it attached with this blog post. I hope this document helps you with the auditing and reviewing your Marketo instance!


Happy Auditing!


- Darshil Shah

Adobe Marketo Champion and Community Advisor