Adam Vavrek

Champion Spotlight: Adam Vavrek

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This week's Champion Spotlight is Adam Vavrek​. Let's get to know Adam a little bit better!

Adam Vavrek

Company: Skyword

Title: Director, Marketing Operations

Location: Boston, MA

Hometown: Midland, TX

What was your first job?

Abercrombie & Fitch

How and when did you get started with Marketo ? What was your first role and initial reaction to the platform?

I first started to use Marketo as the Sales and Marketing Operations Manager at Skyword in 2013. At first, I was a bit intimidated because I didn't know where to start. But after seeing other MAPs, I appreciate how intuitive and easy-to-use the platform is.

What is your favorite thing to do in Marketo and why?

My favorite thing to do in Marketo is pull the Opportunity Influence Analyzer Report to show marketing contributions for a won deal.

Through your Marketo career, what are you most proud of?

Building various campaigns to qualify leads within our company database.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting a career with Marketo?

Spend a good amount of time in the help section and reading articles in the Community. Connect with other Marketo users - they'll be a valuable resource as you become more familiar with Marketo.

If someone gave you $5 million tomorrow, what would you do?

I would travel the world and invite friends to come along with me. There are many countries I'd like to visit and many places I have yet to see.

How did you get your name?

Adam has always been my mom's favorite name. I have a twin brother named Zac and my parents liked the idea of naming us A - Z

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