MCE Practice Test - II

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MCE Practice Test - II

I have listed few more questions that can help in your MCE.

1. Identify the benefits of using Lead Scoring. (Select all that apply)

    a. Identify qualified leads

    b. Determine the sales readiness of your leads

    c. Increase volume of leads in your database

   d. Improve efficiency and productivity of your sales team

2. Leading scoring assigns point value to what aspects of a lead? (Select all that apply)

    a. Demographic traits

    b. Physical traits

    c. Behavioral activities

3. What is an example of a behavior (or action) demonstrated by a Lead that can be assigned a point value. (Select all that apply)

   a. Attends a webinar

   b. Clicks a link in an email

   c. Fills out a Form

   d. Downloads a whitepaper

4. When implementing a lead scoring model in Marketo, you create a separate smart campaign for each demographic or behavior attribute identified in the model.

   a. True

   b. False

5. What is a best practice when designing and implementing lead scoring in Marketo? (Select all that apply)

    a. Align Sales and Marketing objectives when designing a Lead Scoring model

    b. Capture before and after metrics to compare results as a way to demonstrate ROI of a lead scoring program

    c. Import pre-built programs that can be modified for your own specific marketing purposes

6. In which of the following reports can you filter with smart lists? (Choose all that apply)
    a. Lead Performance
    b. Landing Page Performance
    c. Web Page Activity
    d. Email Performance


7. If you want to understand the growth of your database, which report would you look at?
    a. Leads by Status
    b. Leads by Revenue Stage
    c. Lead Performance
    d. Leads by Campaign

8. Which of the following are columns that you can add in an Email Performance report? (Choose all that apply)
    a. Hard Bounced
    b. Soft Bounced
    c. Unsubscribed
    d. Engagement Score
    e. Clicked

9. If you want to understand the performance of your nurture program, which report would you run?
    a. Engagement Stream Performance
    b. Program Performance
    c. Email Performance
    d. Campaign Performance

10. Complete this sentence: The Flow of a Smart Campaign may...
   a. Change a lead score
   b. Create a new program
   c. Create a new campaign
   d. Change a Marketo password

Note: Please find the attachment for the answers.


Re: MCE Practice Test - II

Thanks, Vinay. For question one, how does lead scoring increase the volume of leads in a database? I selected a, b, d but that does not match the answer of a, c, d. Is that a typo?

Level 9 - Community Advisor

Re: MCE Practice Test - II

Thanks for the feedback, Leanne.

Correct, the answer to the question is a, b, d.

I have updated the answer in the doc. Sorry for the confusion caused by the typo. 

Re: MCE Practice Test - II

Thanks Vinay Kumar‌. Can you please remind me what is the pass percentage of the MCE exam now?

Re: MCE Practice Test - II

It's 70 % Srujan Vishwanath‌.

Re: MCE Practice Test - II

Thanks Monika Nimmagadda

Level 9 - Community Advisor

Re: MCE Practice Test - II

Srujan Vishwanath There will be 75 questions and you need 70% to pass the MCE. 

Re: MCE Practice Test - II

Thanks Vinay Kumar