Webinar : The Essentials of Account-Based Marketing

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Webinar : The Essentials of Account-Based Marketing

The Essentials of Account-Based Marketing

As a marketer you know not all leads are the same. With the dollars you have to spend, it is critical to attract and market to buyers that will be the best fit for your business and not waste money on accounts that have low return or ultimately churn. Account-based marketing is a useful strategy that will help you achieve the right business outcomes by targeting specific high-yield accounts. But how do you get started and what really matters?

Join Marketo’s ABM Authorities, Heidi Bullock and Mike Telem, in this on-demand webinar as they deliver insights into the essentials:

  • Defining and identifying the RIGHT target accounts
  • Engaging target accounts across multiple channels in a personal, relevant manner
  • Understanding what to measure and when so you can optimize programs for optimal results
  • Collaborating with sales in a way that’s never been easier
  • Plus, peek in Marketo’s own playbook – how we scale ABM to WIN


  • Heidi Bullock - VP of Demand Generation, Marketo
  • Mike Telem - VP of Product Marketing, Marketo

To watch the webinar click here.