Webinar : Account-Based Marketing: B2B’s Newest Strategy

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Webinar : Account-Based Marketing: B2B’s Newest Strategy

Account-Based Marketing: B2B’s Newest Strategy

Marketers everywhere are discovering the targeting powers of the newest B2B trend, Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In contrast to broadly-based lead generation, even anonymous leads from key accounts can have a personalized web experience when targeted with ABM. This latest approach aligns sales and marketing to drive account-based value to scale.

Join Lattice's Product Marketing Guru, Nipul, and Marketo’s Marketing Maven, Mike, in this on-demand webinar to learn how your organization can:

  • Accelerate sales with deep insights using account-based marketing
  • Launch a strategy targeting high-value accounts to scale
  • Leverage data to personalize web content for anonymous visitors
  • Gather best practices from a customer case study on how to increase conversions and accelerate deals with the Lattice Predictive Marketing Platform and Marketo

You'll also get the chance to see some account-based product enhancements within the Marketo tool! This is not a webinar to be missed. Watch now!


  • Nipul Chokshi - Head of Product Marketing, Lattice Engines
  • Mike Telem - VP Product Marketing, Marketo

To watch this webinar click here.