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ABM Advertising Vendors

Hi All,

Our team has been looking into a few different vendors for ABM advertising. We've narrowed it down to Terminus and RollWorks - does anyone here have experience with either of these vendors that they would be willing to share? Or any other vendors you use for your ABM advertising that has been really successful?



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Re: ABM Advertising Vendors

Have you looked into native LinkedIn integration that Marketo now provides?

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Re: ABM Advertising Vendors

Social Ads are too expensive. The most effective vendor and platform is Kwanzoo. A smaller player but very effective and easy to work with. There are no platform costs and the data surpasses all other ABM vendors in my experience.  I have run ABM, ABM retargeting, ABM with personalization, ABM with conversion, mobile ABM and have used those features for both accounts and opportunities and in one instance case management for at risk customers.