Automated report/email for A nurture flow

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Automated report/email for A nurture flow

Hi all, I have crated a nurture program using the smart campaigns option and wondering if I Can automate a weekly report to be emailed to me that can notify how many new contacts have flowed in the nurturing smart campaign from what sources and where and then tracking their progress along the stream please

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Re: Automated report/email for A nurture flow

using an Engagement or a drip/wait step campaign?

You can't really do this directly. You'd need to run an email perf report weekly, for last 7 days to see something similar to this. Ideally it says

Email 1: 100 this week

Email 2: 402 this week


you can also look at the Lead count in the stream view to get an idea of this inflow/outflow. But you really have to extract the data and put it in excel to see it properly.