Submitting a Support Case to Marketo Support


NOTE - Only authorized support contacts from your organization can submit support cases. To tell if you are an authorized support contact or not, access the CaseConnector and select Create Case.  If you are not an authorized contact, you will receive the below screen.  If there is available space you can select the green button and add yourself as a support contact. If there are no open available support contact slots, the green button will not appear, and you will need to contact the support admin for your account.

1. Go to Support.


2. Click on Submit a Case.


3. Click on Create Case.


4. Enter a Subject to see suggested articles on the problem. Select an article.


5. Click View Full Article to read in on a full screen view.


6. Didn't find the help you needed? Enter your information into the required fields. Click Save.


Great! You've submitted a case. A support rep will reach out to you shortly.