Provide the sync status summary info for SFDC as well

Provide the sync status summary info for SFDC as well

The new Winter 16 release will provide an interesting feature to MS Dynamics users : The Sync Status.


This idea is about having the same for SFDC


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I am gobsmacked it doesn't exist already!?!

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Yes, we understand this feature gap well, and we are going through the design of the feature now.


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Apparently, thx to @Jep_Castelein2 , this is in fact now available, and you just need to ask support for it.





The SFDC report has more detail available in it - so now its time to update the MSD one 😄


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What a great feature. Responses from Support tickets are conflicting - wish the availability of the feature was more widely circulated. Would certainly help reduce the number of requests placed with Support.

-Jenn Rushalski

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Would be such a valuable feature for the many customers that leverage MKTO & SFDC!

+1 to get it added.

I got the classic switcheroo, its in closed BETA, then this feature requested is not available in general.

Inclosing, I got a 'More on this next week', so maybe that's a positive...