Bulk Approve More than 30 Assets at a time

Bulk Approve More than 30 Assets at a time

When in the Email Section of the Design Studio, we can only select up to 30 items per page and bulk approve, bring back the list all feature we had before the July 2014 updated UI release (Release Notes: July 2014 - Marketo Docs - Product Docs​​​)​, that allows us to see all the emails in one list, we're now limited to 30 items per page:


For very important updates, it would be easier to update all my desired emails rather than 30 at a time and risk a email being sent unupdated by the time I do 100's if not 1000's of email approvals. Before the UI change, we could select all unapproved emails easily and do one bulk approval.

Also when we sort by Approved (Sort Ascending or Sort Descending), Marketo lists Approved and Draft emails together, seems like sorting of this column is actually broke:



Frank, there's also this idea:   that would have helped this situation some.

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Thanks Dory, I got Marketo support last year to implement the long list in my instance as they have a work around for this, but they don't seem to have the fix for everyone yet, crazy that it hasn't been fixed in nearly 2 years.

I think you can do this already:

1) Select Email from the design studio


2) Select All


3) Email Actions --> Approve Draft


I have a mix of approved and drafts together, but am able to do this anytime.

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Andy, the problem with doing this is that you are bulk approving all emails, what happens if you have multiple templates and multiple people doing updates, I don't want to approve other people work before it's ready. I also don't want to approve drafts that are being worked on, the potential of something incorrect from being approved is possible. Pre July 2014, Marketo use to serve this list up in 1 page, that way you could sort by email template, then bulk approve whatever amount of assets you had for that by clicking Ctrl + Click. Also the sort by draft is still broken in this list, it would be good if I could just approve the drafts that my email update made, not the full list.

Got it, I wasn't considering that use case. Upvoted!

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