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    Opt-in on the forms and how to sync it

           We want to put a checkbox on the forms for leads to subscribe to emails (opt-in). By Default the Opt-in checkbox would be "checked" and should someone not want to, then they'll have to uncheck the box.
           I know that we can sync the Opt-in on the form to the unsubscribed in Marketo which can be synced to Salesforce. However, I have a concern, we have the leads in Marketo who have already unsubscribed so what would happen to those when we turn on this functionality. 
           Also what would happen if the lead which is already unsubscribed in Marketo, fills out form with the Opt-in checkbox "checked". Will this action change the value of Unsubscribe in Marketo? Which action will be taking the precedence
           “In a nutshell, we’re trying to find a process/lead database setup to manage the three distinct statuses of “Opted In” “Neutral” “Unsubscribe.”
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Menaka, it depends on the type of field that's behind the checkbox. If it's a boolean field, it can only have a true or false value, and it must have a value. We ran into an issue recently where a true/false field was used on a form, and if people chose not to check it (or unchecked it because they knew they were already signed up), then it would actually unsubscribe them since Marketo read it as false.

          My fix for this was to create a new custom field specifically used for the form, and then a triggered campaign that listens for what the person does on the form. So if the box to register was unchecked, then I ignore. If the box to register was checked, then the smart campaign runs to change our actual subscribe field to true.
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            Josh Hill
            See my subs management deck:

            Marketo's forms are live - they will display the current value.

            If someoen changes that value on the form and presses Submit, their data changed. So yes, they will re-subscribe if they choose to do so. That's perfectly legit as it was their choice.
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              Hi Josh,

              The link which you shared shows an error. Could you please navigate me the correct URL

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                Hi Dory,

                Your post gives me confidence that we would be able to achieve our objective. Could you please provide me with more details on the custom field you mentioned. What type of field was it?


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                  Dory Viscogliosi
                  Hi Menaka,

                  The field that we used was a checkbox field, which by its nature can only contain the values true or false. After re-reading your original post, I think that a checkbox field will be useful because you won't want to accidentally unsubscribe people via a form that was intended for subscribing. I agree with Josh that if someone is leaving the box checked on the form, then it's fair that they would be re-subscribed.

                  For all of the examples below, let's assume that your subscription field is "Subscribed", unsubscribed is Marketo's "Unsubscribed" field, and your new custom field is "Subscribed Form"

                  When you create a new form you will use the field "Subscribed Form". You then have a Smart Campaign running in a Data Management folder that is triggered by Data Value Change - Subscribed Form is True. The flow step for this would be Change Data Value - Subscribed is True. You'd most likely want to also add Change Data Value - Unsubscribed is False, unless you have concerns about re-subscribing anyone who has previously unsubscribed. 

                  To maintain "opted-in", "neutral" and "unsubscribed", the following criteria could be used: 
                  Opted-In: Subscribed = True, Unsubscribed = False
                  Neutral: Subscribed = False, Unsubscribed = False
                  Unsubcribed: Unsubscribed = True, Subscribed = True or False

                  Hope this makes sense, let me know if anything could use clarification!