Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy

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To enable Marketo to meet the performance demands of its customers, Marketo has a standardized Data Retention Policy used across the platform. This policy applies to the activities stored in the activity logs of people in your database.


Activities and Data Retention

There are two components to our data retention policy: a retention period of 90 days for nine (9) high-volume activities; and a retention period of 25 months for other lead activities.



Activities with Retention Period of 90 days

The high-volume activities listed below will be retained for 90-days. After 90-days, these activities will be deleted.


Activities Retained for 90 Days

  • Add to List
  • Change Score
  • Change Data Value
  • Visit Webpage
  • Click Link on Webpage
  • Sync Lead to SFDC
  • Sync Lead to Microsoft
  • Sync Lead Updates to SFDC
  • Update Opportunity
  • Request Campaign


Activities with Retention Period of 25 Months

The activities listed below will be retained for 25 months. After 25 months, all such lead activities will be deleted.

  • The only exception is the New Lead activity, which will always be displayed in the activity log. All other activities will be deleted, but the New Lead activity will not, giving you a permanent record of when the lead was created and how.



Activities Retained for 25-Months


  • Click Predictive Content
  • Click RTP Call to Action
  • Fill Out Form



  • Add to Engagement Program
  • Call Webhook
  • Change Data Value
  • Change Lead Partition
  • Change Engagement Program Cadence
  • Change Engagement Program Stream
  • Change Program Success
  • Change Revenue Stage
  • Change Revenue Stage Manually
  • Change Program Status
  • Compute Data Value
  • Delete Lead
  • Enrich with
  • Interesting Moment
  • Merge Leads
  • Remove from List
  • Resolve Ruleset
  • Reward Test Group Variant
  • Schedule Test Variants
  • Send Alert
  • Engagement Program Cast
  • Push Lead to Market
  • Click Shared Link
  • Share Content
  • Vote in Poll
  • Click Email
  • Email Bounced
  • Email Bounced Soft
  • Email Delivered
  • Open Email
  • Received Forward to Friend Email
  • Send Email
  • Sent Forward to Friend Email
  • Unsubscribe Email


  • Add to Opportunity
  • Add to SFDC Campaign
  • Change Owner
  • Change Status in SFDC Campaign
  • Click Sales Email
  • Convert Lead
  • Delete Lead from SFDC
  • Lead Assigned
  • New SFDC Opportunity
  • Open Sales Email
  • Receive Sales Email
  • Remove from Opportunity
  • Remove from SFDC Campaign
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • SFDC Activity
  • Sales Email Bounced
  • Send Sales Email
  • SFDC Activity Updated
  • SFDC Merge Leads
  • Add to Case
  • Add to SFDC Custom Object Test (Contact)

Microsoft Dynamics

  • Add to Opportunity (Contact)
  • Add to Opportunity (Account)
  • Remove from Opportunity (Contact)
  • Remove from Opportunity (Account)
  • Update Opportunity (Contact)
  • Update Opportunity (Account)
  • Delete Lead from Microsoft
  • Add to Segment
  • Change Segment



Retaining Data

Marketo’s data retention policy gives you a rolling 90-day view of certain high-volume activities and a rolling 25-month view of other lead activity data. To help prevent any actual data loss, Marketo has developed a Bulk Extract API that enables you to export this data directly if desired. Once exported, you will be able to host this information locally and utilize it in any way you deem necessary.


Premium Data Retention Option

Marketo offers a premium Extended Data Retention subscription option that will allow activity data to be stored for 37 months instead of the standard retention period of 25 months. The high-volume activities, however, will only be retained for 90 days even with the premium option. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.



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