Webhooks: Send a Text Message

Version 3

    As part of the September 2012 release, Marketo exposed the ability to create a Webhook.  Webhooks are essentially HTTP callbacks that allow you to send a "payload" (i.e. xml, json) to a URL and include parameters.

    Here is a walk-through on how to create a Webhook that sends an SMS Message to a Marketo Lead using the Twilio messaging platform.

    Step 1

    Sign up for a Twilio Account (www.twilio.com).  Be sure to follow the instructions on validating any numbers that will be used to send an SMS message.
    Step 2
    Navigate to Admin in your Marketo Account
    Step 2.jpg


    Step 3

    Select Treasure Chest from the left tree and click Edit in the Webhooks section

    Step 3.jpg

    Step 4

    Check the box to Enable Webhooks

    Step 4.jpg



    Step 5

    In the Admin menu, select  Webhook and click New Webhook

    Step 5.jpg

    Step 6

    Enter the Webhook details as defined in the below screenshot.  A powerful feature of Webhooks is that you can include Tokens as part of the URL and/or Message for further customization.


    Note:  You will replace the [ACCOUNT_SID] & [AUTH_TOKEN] values with what is specified in your Twilio account.



    Step 6.jpg


    Step 7

    Create a Program/Campaign in Marketo.  In the example below, a Program/Campaign was created with associated LandingPage/Form to send out an SMS text message when the lead fills out form.

    Step 7-1.jpg

    Step 7-2.jpg

    Step 7-3.jpg

    Step 7-4.jpg



    Step 8

    See the activity appear in the Activity Tab for that lead in Marketo

    Step 8.jpg

    Step 9

    Check SMS activity in your Twilio Account Log

    Step 9.jpg