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Reporting on Bizible Attribution Touchpoints: Deals by Marketing Channel

Blog Post created by Conner Hatfield Employee on Dec 18, 2019

*Posted on behalf of internal Bizible expert Pierre Cirac*


Deals by Marketing Channel

This report would essentially be the same as the New Opportunities by Marketing Channel example except the metric has now changed from open Opportunities to closed won Deals. The metric should always be what informs which attribution model to use. Considering we’re now looking at closed won Deals and their related BATs, we should use a model that represents the entire buyer’s journey (Deal). This ensures any marketing touch track during the buyer’s journey receives attribution credit:



What marketing channels are influencing Deals to close?

Report Type

Bizible Attribution Touchpoints with Opportunities (CRM)

Metric: Deals (Bizible Discover)


  • Opportunity Stage (only Closed Won Opportunities should be in report) OR,
  • Opportunity Won = True
  • Opportunity Type (its common to filter in on certain Opportunities i.e. ‘New Business’ as opposed to all Opportunities)

Date Field / Date Type

Opportunity Closed Date

Date Range

select desired date range

Group / Dimension

Marketing Channel

Optimal Models

Full Path

*SUM the ‘Full Path’ fields in your CRM reports (Count - Full Path, Revenue - Full Path)


REMINDER: It’s crucial to remember to filter for the specific Opportunities you want to include in BAT based reporting, especially when it comes ‘Open Opportunities and Pipeline Revenue’ vs. ‘Deals and Closed Won Revenue’. This is typically done via an ‘Opportunity Stage’ filter (the ‘Opportunity Won’ = true/false filter can also be very helpful here). 


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