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    Details of A/B Subject Test functions: champion and list setup

    Natalie Staines
      I am planning to A/B test two different subject lines. I like the new simple setup to do this in the Email action but it's so simple it leaves me with a lot of questions:
      1. I had to put a Champion subject line in the setup but I want the 'Champion' to be the subject line that has the most opens during the test. So I used the 'Champion' as one of the Challengers. Will this work? 
      2. I don't really care about the report part of this so much as I care about the timing on when the Champion email is sent. I am hoping the Report time I selected will somehow match up with when the Champion is sent to the other 85% of my list. Is that the case?
      3. By using the A/B subject line setup in the email, does that mean I do not need to setup a random sample to split my list? 

      Thanks for any insights!!