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    Marketo Recommending Only 2 Program Steps

      I was just watching the training video on programs and channels and the speaker stated that moving forward, Marketo is now recommending users only create two program (aka progression) steps per channel.

      Instead of:

      Send 10
      Opened 20
      Clicked 30
      Unsubscribed 40

      They recommend simplifying it to:

      Member 10
      Engaged 20

      How does the community feel about this new approach? It certainly would make things easier, but I'm concerned about how little information it provides on the actual progresssion through a campaign. 

      I'm beating my head against the wall with channels currently and how to customize them for our needs, so input on this concept would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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          The reason we have recommended that you not track Send, Opened, Clicked, etc. is that as program statuses, it does not provide any benefit (except if you want to push any of these statuses to SFDC) and all the email metrics are included in the dashboard of the email program or in the email performance report. 

          Can you tell me a bit more about what you want to track with program statuses?  Are you using RCA?

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            We will be syncing up with Salesforce in the near future.

            We're just starting to get our feet wet with RCA. 

            I would love to track every progression to see where people are dropping off in our campaigns so that we can improve. However, I only really need to report the major metrics (aka engagement and new names) to the team.

            I completely understand email programs now providing the date through the dashboard, but what about landing pages we want to track? How granular should we really be with our channels? 

            Also, I asked this question in another post, but never got a response. Can you explain to me the concept of a tie within a channel (e.g. two channel values equaling 10) and how that it affects, well, anything? lol

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              A tie within a channel means that a lead can be in either of the statuses, example, in a webinar, you can be either attended or no show, so those are a tie.  You would never be attended then no show.  Hope this helps explain.  

              What do you want to track on landing pages?  When someone fills out a form, you could change their status to "engaged".  It's meant to be flexible to do what you want.
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                Cheryl is exactly right.
                You are getting too granular with your progression statuses. You really want to be more strategic with regard to what you report on. 

                In the email performance report you can gauge how many people are opening and clicking on each of your emails so having these as progression steps would be sort of redundant. 
                If you can give us a scenario we may be able to provide appropriate progression steps and success criteria for your program.
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                  Dan Stevens
                  Keller, we still use multiple smart campaigns to place members into the appropriate program status (for all of our programs).  While it's true that the new Email Program tracks all of this at the aggregate level (in a dashboard view), for example, there's no way to drill down into this data.  And that's the data that's trully important to our marketers.  So we still create separate smart campaigns for "Opens", "Clicks", "Fills out form", and "Downloads content" for all of our email programs - in this case, those that have a landing page for conversion.  Should the marketer also want to see who bounced and unsubscribed, we'll run a one-off filtered report for this data.
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                    We do sync member status with salesforce, so inside sales an do a proper follow-up. So this already rejects the idea of only "member" and "engaged". Furthermore You wnat to trigger actions, based on the progression status (e.g. different email for "no show" versus "attended". Or automatically send an email when a marketer updates the progression status to rejected). Going to only two progression statuses is absolutely a no go.
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                      Cheryl C - regarding the tie, that is still not making sense to me as Marketo's old default email channel had:

                      Sent 10
                      Opened 10
                      Clicked 10
                      Converted 20
                      Unsubscribed 30

                      Technically, you could be unsubscribed and sent, opened and clicked, right? Someone could have received the email, opened it, clicked a link, and then unsubscribed. You could be also be converted and sent, opened and clicked. With that argument, every step would be a tie in this scenario, which doesn't make sense for tracking progression, so why wasn't it set up as:

                      Sent 10
                      Opened 20
                      Clicked 30
                      Converted 40
                      Unsubscribed 50

                      Also, I still don't understand what affect that tie has on anything. If I make two steps tie, does that have an affect on reporting? Will people show up under both "sent," "opened," and "clicked?"
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                        Dan Stevens
                        The numbers are really only used for sorting purposes within each channel.  They have no impact on reporting.  And with all program statuses, a lead can only be a member of a single status (not more than one).  Here is how we have the Email channel configured:


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                               Cheryl C and Jeffrey - it sounds like what you're saying is simply having the progression steps on the summary dashboard doesn't really do anything for us. We can still run any report or create any kind of smart campaign we need to find out who did what throughout the campaign, but setting up channels to support those smart campaigns is unnecessary. Is that correct?
                               An example of a type of campaign I would normally want to track with multiple progressions steps would be:
                               Email is sent, so:
                               Email link sends lead to a landing page where we offer a download in exchange for more information and ask if they want a sales person to call them, so:
                               Filled Out Form
                               Requested Sales Contact
                               Downloaded Offer
                               The Channel would be as follows:
                               Sent 10
                               Delivered 20
                               Opened 30
                               Clicked 40
                               Visited 50
                               Filled Out Form 60 (SUCCESS)
                               Requested Sales Contact 60
                               Downloaded Offer 60
                               Unsubscribed 70
                               If I were to shorten the channel above to only "Member" and "Engaged," I would still get good data from the email program and I would see how many people reached the success point in this campaign (Filled Out Form). I could set up smart campaigns to send reps sales alerts, determine how many people downloaded the offer and requested sales contact, etc, but the channel does not need to track that in the summary, correct?
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                            Dory Viscogliosi
                            Dan or Diederick, can you elaborate a little bit more on how you track the opens and clicks for these emails in email programs? The email itself is a local asset, and I'm not seeing it as an option in the dropdown for "was delivered email" or "opened email". Thanks!
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                              Hi Dory, There are some many ways to do this. When you use the email program type you have a very cool dashboard. If you just use a regular program you can work with progresion statusses. you will need to create triggers that fire on "Opens email" in the smartlist and in the flow step you change the progression status of the program (make sure you have set the correct channels tags in admin). You can also click on the smart campaign that sent out the email asset in the program. Next click on the tab "Email" for a direct report. You can of course also dive into Analytics or RCA for this.
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                                Dan Stevens
                                Like Diederik mentioned, you will first need to ensure the proper program statuses are contained in your channel (within Admin).  Once confirmed, you would simply create the "open" and "clicked" smart campaigns that will allow you to filter program members by "opens" and "clicks".  Here's an example of a sample program:


                                Here is the smart list and flow for "01 - Opened":


                                Here is the smart list and flow for "02 - Clicked":0EM50000000RcEo

                                We don't use the Email Program anymore due to some recent bugs and limitations.  For now, we use a standard Marketo Program for our email programs.
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                                  Agree with this new consolidated approach Marketo recommends.  

                                  Setting up a program status for every email activity was redudant and does not provide additional data beyond what an email performance report or email program dashboard already does.  Only having one status to update also makes cloning/activating programs much faster.  It also makes reading a lead's activity log easier.

                                  As far as syncing information over to Salesforce.com Sales Insight provides details about which emails have been sent/opened/clicked for the sales team.  Interesting Moments can call out specific actions they need to know.  We only add members with an engaged or success status to the SFDC campaign now.  This way SFDC Campaign related lists only show the campaigns leads actually responded to.  Having leads be part of a campaign they did not engage with was not helping make any decisions so we dropped it.