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    Add leads to event campaigns?

           Is there a way to set up a Marketo event program where your sales team can add people to the invite list as the campaign runs?

           We are hoping to send emails out weeks leading up to the event and would like to give the sales team the ability to add to the invite list. We would also like the leads that sales add to the list to be able to get the rest of the emails in the queue depending on when they were added by sales. 

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          You can use the trigger here "Campaign is requested" source = Sales Insight...
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            To Mark's point, you would need a smart campaign to look for them sending the invite via the MSI and they could be added to the program that way.  I've been told that future RCA adjustments will allow you to report on the individual sales rep who issued the sales invite but that is not available today (i.e. you cannot track how many emails each sales rep sent the invitation to).  

            If you want to segment the leads into a different fulfillment path versus those that marketing has invited, you could do a request campaign function depending on HOW they entered the program.

            Hope this helps.