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    Email on Acid

      Is there currently an integration with Email on Acid?

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          There's not currently an official integration. If you're wondering about how to "mozify" Marketo emails using Email on Acid, so that colored tables which look similar to the images will replace images if images are not downloaded in certain email clients:

          I ran some testing with this a few weeks ago when a support case came up about it, and found that because the rich text editor we uses inserts images inside of <p> tags, it's necessary to manually edit the HTML and remove it from the <p> tags before you have it Mozified by Email on Acid - it won't mozify an image if it's inside of <p> tags.
          What I did was editied a draft of an email, clicked Email Actions > HTML Tools > Replace HTML, and copied the email's entire HTML code into a text editor. Then I removed the <p> and </p> tags from around the <img> elements. Then I copied the edited HTML into Email on Acid's mozify app and had it mozified. Then I went back into the Marketo email using the same Email Actions > HTML Tools > Replace HTML, and pasted in the finished code from Email on Acid.
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            Jamye Breidenbach
            I'd like to know how I can utilize Email on Acid's campaign tracking feature. There currently is not an out-of-the-box solution to select while building the campaign so some customization is required. Has anyone done this before? Can you provide some guidance?

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              Currently there is no integration. You could copy and paste the HTML/CSS from the source of the email, and then test it in Email on Acid.
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                Are there plans to integrate with Mozify so it's less manual of a process or anything on the roadmap for creating a Marketo feature that does something similar?