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How to get better email metrics reporting

Question asked by 95869af0acc5d94cfe3f63627ccd093362137fe9 on Jun 25, 2014
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     Hi All - please forgive the self-promotion, but I've struggled with Marketo's email reporting in the past (poor customization, slow processing, difficulty in doing trend analysis) and I recently hacked our own beta product here at New Relic, called "Insights" (typically an engineer's monitoring tool), to give much better reporting, analytics, dashboaring, and ad-hoc querying of Marketo's email activity.

     Basically, by using Marketo's webhooks to push information about email related events (email was delivered, email was opened, email was clicked, etc) to our New Relic Insights platform, we can then analyze, mointor, dashboard, and report on email activity overtime sliced and diced any way we choose, or ask ad hoc questions and write basic queries to compare week over week how an email performed (something Marketo doesn't easily do natively).

     I wrote a blog post about it and if you've struggled with email reporting, you should check out how we are using it here:

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