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Desktop Vs. Resposive Email Sub-Lines

Question asked by 4ef35a4c65312eb3ade60935af1b7efb4ed7e0f8 on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by b5d282dfa29104d6debc5bc70d2ef1ae61ffedec
Hello All,

I am currently facing a very time consuming issue with creating sublines for my emails.

For my emails, I have two sub lines that sit on top of eachother see example:


Now I have built custom tables with two 2 rows in Marketo at the top of email, built custom tables in DreamWeaver, changed serious snippets of code, and even played with single and double line spacing in Marketo's email tool.

Unfortunately, spacing for my sublines are showing different for emails on mobile and desktop. For example, both sublines may abut eachother on the mobile email version, where as there is majoring spacing on the desktop verson.

I understand this may be do spacing/sizing of the email (responsive). Are there any tricks to fixing this spacing issue?