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D&B and Tealium Code Integration

Question asked by Carolyn Raleigh on Aug 28, 2019

Hi All - We are close to finishing our integration with D&B visitor intelligence. We have written the code in Tealium which will write the data from D&B into our Marketo fields; however, we are having an issue using multiple Marketo form IDs in the code. According to the code, it looks like it will only listen for one form ID. We have at least a dozen forms that we would like to use the D&B visitor intelligence on and want to know if anyone has had this issue, and if so, how did you implement a workaround.


Please see code for reference:

var dpa = new Fill.LeadFormApp({
visitorIntelligenceApiKey: "vid0945",
defaultCompanyCountry: "US",
leadFormName: "1425",
companyCountrySearchFieldName: "Country_Contact_Us1__c",
contactEmailSearchFieldName: "Email",
companyNameSearchFieldName: "Company",
clearCompanyAfterCountryChange: false, /* added to prevent the clear of user names when entering the company */
searchCompanyAfterCountryChange: false,
clearCompanyAfterTypeaheadChange: false,
useLIDropdowns: true,
//Leave as-is to disable automatic focus-stealing, or declare a field name in lieu of ""
initialFocusFieldName: "",
// Field mappings. Value on right should match tag name from form (case-sensitive)
dunsFieldName: "dNBWvidDUNS",
companyNameFieldName: "Company", //visible field
address1FieldName: "dNBWvidCompanyAddress",
//address2FieldName: "@ADDRESS2@",
cityFieldName: "dNBWvidCompanyCity",
stateFieldName: "dNBWvidCompanyState",
postalFieldName: "dNBWvidCompanyZip5",
countryFieldName: "Country_Contact_Us1__c", //visible field
naicsCodeFieldName: "dNBnaicsCode",
naicsDescriptionFieldName: "dNBnaicsDescription",
sicCodeFieldName: "sicCode",
sicDescriptionFieldName: "dNBsicDescription",
revenueFieldName: "dNBrevenue",
employeeSiteCountFieldName: "dNBemployeeSiteCount",
firstNameFieldName: "FirstName", //visible field
lastNameFieldName: "LastName", //visible field
vanityTitleFieldName: "dNBvanityTitle",
globalUltimateDunsFieldName: "dNBglobalUltimateDuns",
globalUltimatePrimaryNameFieldName: "dNBglobalUltimatePrimaryName",
domesticUltimateDunsFieldName: "dNBparentDuns",
domesticUltimatePrimaryNameFieldName: "dNBparentPrimaryName",
parentDunsFieldName: "dNBparentDuns",
parentPrimaryNameFieldName: "dNBparentPrimaryName",
globalUltimateFamilyTreeMembersCountFieldName: "dNBglobalUltimateFamilyTreeMembersCount",
phoneFieldName: "Phone",
telephoneNumberFieldName: "dNBtelephoneNumber",
domainFieldName: "dNBdomain",
tradeStyleNameFieldName: "Area_of_Interest_Contact_Us__c", //existing field name
currencyFieldName: "dNBcurrency"