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Email Editor Sluggish

Question asked by Angus McCann on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Angus McCann

Our marketing users are noticing that the email editor is a little bit slow in our instance. Namely, adding, deleting, and moving modules around can take 10 seconds or more. This is definitely cumbersome for larger emails. I was wondering if anyone else is facing a lag with the email editor?


I will note that our instance is a little sluggish due to the number of trigger campaigns we have running at a time. We are currently working on optimizing that, changing trigger campaigns to bath campaigns where possible, however, since the Email Editor does not use/rely on database activity, I am not confident that optimizing our smart campaigns will speed up the email editor. Does anyone know if optimizing our smart campaigns to "speed up" our instance would "speed up" the Email Editor?