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Understanding Leads API in Marketo

Question asked by Sid Patil on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2019 by Sid Patil

Hello All,


We are just beginning to test some tools to get data out of Marketo into our data warehouse. For that, we are using a third party tool. One of the tables (a Marketo system table) I see created is a "lead" table. Is this table all the contacts (with email/without email/unsubscribed/marketable leads etc) that I have in my Marketo instance? If not, what records are captured in this table?


I ask this question because the Total Leads (Marketable + Not Marketable) I see in my Marketo's DB dashboard is different than the row count in this "lead" table. I tried to read the documentation on Leads API but it was difficult for me to follow since we are relatively new to Marketo.


Thank you all! Appreciate any help in this context or how Leads API generally works too