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Log In Details Emails Not Getting Through

Question asked by Bogdan Moisa on Feb 14, 2019
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I'm running a campaign that handles license registrations. It is currently set up like this:


(1)Complete registration form => (2) Add to List => (3)If Added to List, Send Email to Admin => (4) If Field Data Value Changes to "Yes" => (5) Send LogIn Details => (6) If sent LogIn Details, Send Onboarding Email


I know that the last step should be "Delivered" and not sent, but I'll leave it like that because this kinda illustrates the problem.


Long story short, the LogIn Details Email (Which is Operational) does not get through for a lot of people. It bounces because it is marked as spam. However, what's strange is the fact that they will continue to receive the onboarding emails. So the Onboarding Emails go through, but the Login one doesn't.


I looked at the differences and the only obvious one is that the Login Details email has in its form field something like "The Company's Team", whereas the Onboarding emails have a person's name at the From Field. Could this be a factor?


I was also looking at how the campaign was set up and I find it kinda weird. For example, why not combine steps 2 and 3 into one smart campaign? Unfortunately, the person who set up the campaign left the company and I can't ask her.


Anyway, the pressing issue is the login details email - If that doesn't get through, the admins have to do a lot of manual work. Any help on how to make the email get through and not be marked as spam will be appreciated.


OH! Forgot to add- the email has some text with red font - I read somewhere that that can be marked as spam, but not sure if it is true.


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