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Velocity script to vary the From Address based on segmentation 

Question asked by Patrick Vincler on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi everyone,


I've got a beans and bacon question for this amazing community here.  The beans - segmentation. The bacon - Velocity scripting.


What I'm trying to do:

Use a token in the From Address field, to vary our sender email address. Do this by condition of segmentation that is referenced in the script token.


My testing methodology:

Purely by sending an email though the campaign. No test emails sends or previews.


What I've covered already:

Have ticked the check box in right hand panel for the variable.  (Segmentation_Clubs_1003)


My Code:

#if($lead.Segmentation_Clubs_1003 == "Client1")
#elseif($lead.Segmentation_Clubs_1003 == "Client2")
#elseif($lead.Segmentation_Clubs_1003 == "Client3")
#elseif($lead.Segmentation_Clubs_1003 == "Client4")
#elseif($lead.Segmentation_Clubs_1003 == "Client5")
#elseif($lead.Segmentation_Clubs_1003 == "Client6")
#elseif($lead.Segmentation_Clubs_1003 == "Clent7")


Email delivers but only displays the default from address (


Any insight is much appreciated! Thank you!