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    Lead by Source and Month

    Christian Tovar


      I need help pulling lead source reports. Do you all know how a lead source report created? I found this as a legacy report and am trying to update it for my needs now. How does this standard lead source report pull the data? I would like to see the leads by month but then broken down by source per month. Is there a way to merge the two? I've searched the community and nothing is making sense to me. Please help.



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          Denise Greenberg

          Hi Christian,

          You can do this by adding custom columns to either report. For example, if you Group People by Source, add custom columns for each of the months that you want. A custom column pulls data from a smart list. So the process is:


          1) Create the smart lists

          2) Add the smart lists to your report as custom colums


          Your smart lists (based on your screenshots above) would be:


          Created Oct 2018

          Created Nov 2018



          Each smart list will have a filter: Was Created Between [1st of month] and [last day of month]


          You'll also want to add a filter in the report itself to restrict it to leads created in the timeframe you're examining.


          Also note that the first time you run the report the columns won't be in a sensible order. You then just drag and drop them into the order you want. Here's a quick example of the output of such a report with 2 custom columns for month. In this case the leads are grouped by Demographic Score but it would work the same way for Source: