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    CTR on iOs and "Other" is very low vs. others

    John Chiappetta



      Came across a very troubling stat on our email click through rates. In general, our CTR is very good. However, when I look at the breakdown for Device OS for the month I see this:



      Android Open 2,684 Click 223 or 8.3%


      iOs (iPhone) Open 33,727 Click 642 or 1.9%


      MacOSX Open 17,906 Click 2,150 or 12%


      Other Open 25,300 Click 146 or 0.5%


      Windows Open 258,645 Click 71,664 or  27.7%



      Is anyone else noticing this on their emails and any ideas on how can I troubleshoot this. We have click tracking on, so it's not that.

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          Grace Brebner

          Hey John,


          It's going to be difficult for us to pinpoint this without seeing the code for some of these emails.


          The first question that jumps to my mind is have you tested your email template across different clients (usually done with a tool like Litmus or Email on Acid). While these tools can't track clicks, they can give you a clearer idea of exactly what devices/clients your subscribers are using, and whether your emails are displaying correctly on those clients.


          Also, having click tracking on doesn't guarantee that this isn't a click tracking issue; it's a known issue that certain ways of coding buttons can impact the way they track on certain clients (see Those bulletproof buttons are also *tracking*-proof, though (here's the fix) as an example).