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Setting a data value based on the previous page before the person fills a form

Question asked by Brian Denneny on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi All,


So I want to set product and language/country data values in marketo. I have a landing page that is directed to from our main site and every link for contact sales goes to the same landing page.


The issue is that I want to set a user's language based on where they filled out a form. Our site is regionalized so that every form fill that comes from a page with "en-us" in the link is English and USA, if it is German and from Germany the sites that lead to our LP have "de-de". However I tried making a smart campaign triggered off of ANY form fill where the referrer contains "en-us" and to set that persons language to English but I don't think it is working. Again this is our main site the person is on before they hit "contact sales" and go to a marketo landing page.


Additionally I see it not working because I tried to do the same for product. All product pages have a contact sales link in them and their URL contains "product_name" so I tried to do the same for that to set the product name and route the person to the product campaign by setting that value but this isn't working either.


Any ideas on how to set data values based on the page someone was on before they got to a marketo landing page?