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Push Lead to Marketo not working

Question asked by 8d636897ced6f0b0c61c6fe12151f4a5cfa4586a on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

We're currently using the Push Lead To Marketo part of the API because we have an anonymous lead that needs to be sent over via the API to be created and linked to the cookie ID that is sent over.  We're setting the lookupField as 'mktToken' and sending the correct token but it's giving us an error saying that the 'mktToken' is not found and asking for an 'id' field.  In php, using the class from: GitHub - Marketo/REST-Sample-Code: Marketo REST API sample code.  We're using the 'PushLeadToMarketo.php' class.  Here is the result:


{"requestId":"17bf6#166d5d432a1","result":[{"status":"skipped","reasons":[{"code":"1006","message":"Field 'mktToken' not found"},{"code":"1003","message":"Value for requried field 'id' not specified"}]}],"success":true



Here is the lead being sent:

stdClass Object


    [email] =>

    [appointmentType] => Prospective Client Phone Meeting

    [requestConsultationSubmissionDate] => 2018-11-02 13:09:05

    [requestConsultIdealTime] => 2018-11-03T21:00:00Z

    [mktToken] => id:815-VVR-763&

    [firstName] => test

    [lastName] => test

    [phone] => test

    [howDidyouhearaboutReese] => your mom

    [RequestConsultReason] => test




Anyone have any ideas on why this isn't working?