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Are Marketo Segments static?

Question asked by 17588ed90ca905ee962bed9cb0656a327f21e239 on Oct 22, 2018
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I'm currently testing the Segmentation option in Marketo (for use with Snippets and Dynamic Content), and noticed that my test Segment isn't refreshing the numbers? Does a Segment in Marketo need to be unapproved first before it can be refreshed, or does the refresh happen automatically? I would have assumed the latter (the same way it does for other MAPs like Eloqua), but that doesn't seem to be the case, unless this is just a bug. 


22-10-2018 12-01-57.png


I created the above "SFDC Campaign Membership" Segment last week, and since it was approved, there have been additional members added to some of the other campaign member rules (i.e EMEA Autos & EMEA Commodities). I also verified the numbers in a regular Smart List, and they are showing up there. When I try to refresh the Segment without un-approving, the numbers aren't updating.


I guess the other thing I should ask is whether it's even possible for a Person in Marketo to be in more than one Segment at once? So referring to the screenshot again, three of the five people who are in the US Chemicals Segment, should also be in EMEA Autos and EMEA Commodities. Seems a bit strange that they are only being added to the first Chemicals Segment, so I'm wondering of this could be the issue.


Any thoughts/suggestions?