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Distinguishing between API web services in Activity log

Question asked by Thomas Meglasson on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by Thomas Meglasson

We have marketo syncing with a FileMaker database through a lot of custom scripting.


Part of the custom scripting is getting lead data changes through the activities API and updating our database accordingly. 


One problem I've run into is that we don't want to have changes that were pushed up from the FileMaker database to Marketo to then be written back down to the FileMaker database again when we are going through the lead activity.


The FileMaker database is not the only thing connecting and making changes through the Web API.  However, both the "Reason" and "Source" attributes for the activity simply say "Web Service API".  This isn't enough information to filter our the changes from FileMaker.


Is there any way to set up a system to be able to tell where the Web Service API changes are coming from?  A setting, custom activity, or whatever?