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    Pick list for Lead source Field in the URL builder

    Aanisah Bahjath

      Hi Team,


      I have been trying to research if there's an option in Marketo that would allow creating picklist within the URL builder tool for Lead Source Field. Today the Field Lead Source is manually entered within the URL builder. We have been trying to ask the users to follow the naming convention. But users have a hard time in folllowing the rules and often end up with typographical errors which in turn is affecting analytics. I would like to understand if there is a possibility to design this field to have a picklist, This would avoid bad data.


      Appreciate any suggestions.




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          Sanford Whiteman

          There isn't such a thing out-of-the-box in Marketo, but you could theoretically build one using a Marketo LP + Marketo form (or any HTML form, it's just easier to use the Marketo form builder since you've got it).  The form wouldn't submit anywhere, it would just output the fields in another textbox (an <output> tag would be most appropriate). An example is here: MktoForms2 :: URL Builder


          You'll have to maintain the options for Lead Source yourself in Form Editor, of course, as new source won't be added to the dropdown automatically — but at least you'd lock down the options.