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Error with velocity token sending sample email: Rendered_Email_Velocity_Error_Area_?! Error invoking method 'get(java.lang.Integer)'

Question asked by 7289794b3090d69c020f75c485e6304ba43e48e3 on Jun 14, 2018
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When trying to send a sample email that has a velocity token, I get the following error:


An error occurred when procesing the email Rendered_Email_Velocity_Error_Area_?!

Error invoking method 'get(java.lang.Integer)' in java.util.ArrayList near


The velocity token is attempting to create a Velocity variable from the value of a lead field:

#if( $lead.apptConfirmation.isEmpty() )
#set(  $lead.apptConfirmation = '[]' )

#set($myDetails = '#set( $myDetails = ' + $lead.apptConfirmation  + ')' )
#evaluate( $myDetails )

${myDetails[0].LastName}    <br/>
${myDetails[1].LastName}  <br/>


If I changes line 05 to reference a static string instead of a lead field everything works:

#set($myDetails = '#set( $myDetails = ' + '[{"LastName": "Last1"},{"LastName": "Last2"}]' + ')' )


Any ideas why the top is not working?

It seems Marketo does not want me to reference a field within a #set directive.

I am essentially following the ideas laid out by Sanford Whiteman's blog on using JSON in Velocity but am getting this unexpected error so I assume others have gotten this to work.


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